Swing & Hammock stands

Cypress Roman Arc Hammock Stand


  • Made in the USA
  • Made of beautiful Cypress wood
  • 4-ply Classic Roman Arc Design
  • Award Winning Arcing Design

Hammock is sold separately. Few furniture materials match the distinctiveness and sturdiness of Southern cypress. Pair this watertight softwood's inherent handsomeness with the sharp contrast of galvanized steel hardware and a provocative design recalling the grand sweep of the frame of some bygone sailing ship, and you have a feast for the eyes that will often lull your eyes to closing!   Cypress naturally ages to a kind of pewter-gray, though it also takes to varnish like a small child is drawn to an empty hammock, and maintaining this stand's original lustrous sheen is as easy as some light-grit sandpaper and a couple of coats of quality stain, or linseed oil.   Hang your Pawleys Island Hammock from this elegant 15-foot eye-stopper, and experience your own smooth sailing, right in your own back yard! Also, expect admirers: Our Cypress Hammock Stand just begs for passersby to stop and point, or if close enough, to reach out and touch it.   Really, who can blame them?

Metal Hammock Stand


  • 360-degree Right Connection weld for foot and base poles
  • Easy "no tools" spring-pin assembly
  • 12 gauge steel poles 2 inches in diameter
  • 600 lbs Weight Capacity

If you can't fully trust the means of hanging your hammock, then you'll never be able to fully let yourself go and give into the worry-free immediacy of the moment, the fundamental requirement for true relaxation.   Our easy-to-assemble Tri-Beam Steel Hammock Stand supports up to 600 pounds, giving it the highest weight-rating of any hammock stand available. The 2-inch 12-gauge steel poles - the heaviest steel of any stand in the industry - securely connect via spring pins outfitted with solid-steel cores, to prevent possible shearing.   For the weld at the main joint on both base poles, we use our own patented 360-degree Right Connection, far more stable than any other stand weld we've ever seen in nearly 40 years in business.   Safe, stable, secure suspension for sublime relaxation. Sometimes, you actually can buy trust after all!

Single Swing Stand


  • Swing Sold Separately
  • Heavy-duty Steel
  • Accommodates Single Swings
  • Powder coated Cape Shield process

Hang your swing anywhere with a portable and durable swing stand!The Taupe single swing stand is constructed of heavy 12-gauge steel designed to host all single swing designs and accommodate up to 400 lbs. Soft design features make for an elegant statement in any yard and give added style to your swing stand.Our Single Swing Stand is easily assembled with all poles sliding together for a tight connection and bolts for added strength.Each stand is also texture coated with the Cape Shield finishing process. Cape Shield is a special process of cleaning, preparing, and powder coating the stand to make it weather resistant and give you many years of enjoyment.   **Swing Sold Separately!

Roman Arc Cypress Swing Stand


  • Discover the Hatteras Difference
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight capacity 450 pounds
  • Fits Double Swings

State-of-the-art swinging, in stately, artful style!Crafted from gorgeous Southern cypress coated with a sealant of honey-gold, for added weather protection, this superior swing stand is a sweet amalgam of form and function. With its lavish curves recalling the sweep and majesty of classic European architecture, our wide, eye-pleasing yard enhancement can hold a double swing of up to 5 feet 4 inches across. The cypress woods slowly turns a gorgeous light silver color as it gracefully ages.So rest assured, the rest of your yard is gonna envy the spot where this sumptuous piece of outdoor furniture sits!Swing Sold Separately.

Curved Taupe Metal Swing Stand


  • Accommodates ALL our double swings
  • Weight Capacity of 450 lbs.
  • Lightly textured powder-coated exterior

Call it a match made to feel like heaven! When framing any of the vibrant striped styles of our new Deluxe Cushioned Double Swings, our wholly redesigned Double Swing Stand can seem almost like a big bay window slung open to reveal an unparalleled opportunity for exquisite, expansive relaxation - stand and swing simply go that well together!   Our Steel Double Swing Stand's clean lines and gentle upright curves are themselves superbly attractive, but this exceedingly ample steel support stretches far beyond sleek good looks; the heavy-duty Cape Shield Powder Coated poles also provide a safe, stable, weather-durable haven for sumptuous swinging hang-time.   Swing Sold Separately